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 Roleplaying Rules.

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Blossom Megurine

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Rules.   Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:53 pm

1. Each member is expected to begin work on their character application within their first week of membership. If a conflict prevents a member from publishing a character in a timely fashion, they may speak with a moderator or administrator for exemption. New members showing no desire to roleplay may be removed.
2. Members may only roleplay with characters that have been approved by a moderator or administrator.
In-character Protocol:
1. Don't be OP, and take the reins of someone else's OC
2. After joining an RP, members should understand the environment into which their character is entering. Observing key things such as the setting, plot progression, and dialogue will ensure that the entering character will join successfully.
3. All roleplays must adhere to a post order. Participants post in a cycle that updates when new members join.
4. If a participant fails to post within 9 days of the last participant's post, his or her turn may be skipped by the next poster in the order.
5. Please avoid taking personal offense to the actions of characters. We recommend that members write all in-character posts in paragraph format, but Script is fine.
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Roleplaying Rules.
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